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Very short essay on health and fitness

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Short Essay on Health is Wealth - Important India

Very short essay on health and fitness

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Health And Fitness Essay

Section 5. Collecting and Analyzing Data. The Tool Box needs your help. to remain available. Your contribution can help change lives. Sixteen training modules. for teaching core skills. The Tool Box needs your help. to remain available. Your contribution can help change lives. Sixteen training modules.

for teaching core skills. What do we mean by collecting data? What do we mean by very essay analyzing data? Why should you collect and analyze data for your evaluation? When and by whom should data be collected and analyzed? How do you collect and analyze data? In previous sections of this chapter, we’ve discussed studying the issue, deciding on a research design, and creating an observational system for gathering information for your evaluation. Now it’s time to service, collect your data and analyze it – figuring out what it means – so that you can use it to short on health, draw some conclusions about your work. In this section, we’ll examine how to do just that.

What do we mean by collecting data? Essentially, collecting data means putting your design for thesis on microcontroller, collecting information into operation. You’ve decided how you’re going to get information – whether by direct observation, interviews, surveys, experiments and testing, or other methods – and now you and/or other observers have to implement your plan. Very Short. There’s a bit more to collecting data, however. Is Not But A Fire To Be Kindled In 1000. If you are conducting observations, for example, you’ll have to define what you’re observing and arrange to make observations at the right times, so you actually observe what you need to. You’ll have to record the observations in appropriate ways and organize them so they’re optimally useful. Recording and organizing data may take different forms, depending on very short the kind of information you’re collecting. Fight Club Homework. The way you collect your data should relate to how you’re planning to analyze and very short use it. Thesis On Microcontroller. Regardless of very on health, what method you decide to use, recording should be done concurrent with data collection if possible, or soon afterwards, so that nothing gets lost and thesis paper memory doesn’t fade. Some of the things you might do with the information you collect include:

Gathering together information from all sources and observations Making photocopies of all recording forms, records, audio or video recordings, and any other collected materials, to guard against on health and fitness loss, accidental erasure, or other problems Entering narratives, numbers, and other information into a computer program, where they can be arranged and/or worked on essay in various ways Performing any mathematical or similar operations needed to get quantitative information ready for analysis. These might, for instance, include entering numerical observations into a chart, table, or spreadsheet, or figuring the mean (average), median (midpoint), and/or mode (most frequently occurring) of a set of on health, numbers. Transcribing (making an top creative programs exact, word-for-word text version of) the contents of very essay and fitness, audio or video recordings Coding data (translating data, particularly qualitative data that isn’t expressed in numbers, into a form that allows it to be processed by a specific software program or subjected to statistical analysis) Organizing data in ways that make them easier to work with. How you do this will depend on criteria extended essay ib your research design and your evaluation questions. You might group observations by the dependent variable (indicator of success) they relate to, by individuals or groups of participants, by time, by activity, etc. You might also want to essay on health, group observations in best, several different ways, so that you can study interactions among different variables. There are two kinds of very short essay, variables in research. An independent variable (the intervention) is a condition implemented by the researcher or community to see if it will create change and improvement. This could be a program, method, system, or other action. A dependent variable is what may change as a result of the independent variable or intervention. A dependent variable could be a behavior, outcome, or other condition.

A smoking cessation program, for example, is an independent variable that may change group members’ smoking behavior, the to be filled fire in 1000 primary dependent variable. What do we mean by analyzing data? Analyzing information involves examining it in ways that reveal the relationships, patterns, trends, etc. that can be found within it. That may mean subjecting it to statistical operations that can tell you not only what kinds of relationships seem to exist among variables, but also to what level you can trust the answers you’re getting. On Health And Fitness. It may mean comparing your information to that from other groups (a control or comparison group, statewide figures, etc.), to help draw some conclusions from the data.

The point, in terms of your evaluation, is to get an accurate assessment in the mind filled to be kindled essay in 1000, order to essay and fitness, better understand your work and its effects on best those you’re concerned with, or in order to better understand the overall situation. There are two kinds of data you’re apt to short essay on health, be working with, although not all evaluations will necessarily include both. Quantitative data refer to the information that is collected as, or can be translated into, numbers, which can then be displayed and easy analyzed mathematically. Qualitative data are collected as descriptions, anecdotes, opinions, quotes, interpretations, etc., and are generally either not able to be reduced to numbers, or are considered more valuable or informative if left as narratives. As you might expect, quantitative and qualitative information needs to very essay on health, be analyzed differently.

Quantitative data are typically collected directly as numbers. A Vessel To Be But A Fire Words. Some examples include: The frequency (rate, duration) of specific behaviors or conditions Test scores (e.g., scores/levels of knowledge, skill, etc.) Survey results (e.g., reported behavior, or outcomes to environmental conditions; ratings of satisfaction, stress, etc.) Numbers or percentages of people with certain characteristics in a population (diagnosed with diabetes, unemployed, Spanish-speaking, under age 14, grade of school completed, etc.) Data can also be collected in forms other than numbers, and very and fitness turned into paper quantitative data for analysis. Researchers can count the number of times an event is documented in interviews or records, for instance, or assign numbers to the levels of intensity of an observed event or behavior. For instance, community initiatives often want to document the amount and intensity of environmental changes they bring about – the new programs and policies that result from essay on health and fitness their efforts. Whether or not this kind of the mind is not to be filled fire to be kindled essay in 1000 words, translation is necessary or useful depends on very on health and fitness the nature of what you’re observing and on the kinds of questions your evaluation is meant to criteria for history, answer.

Quantitative data is usually subjected to statistical procedures such as calculating the mean or average number of times an and fitness event or behavior occurs (per day, month, year). These operations, because numbers are “hard” data and not interpretation, can give definitive, or nearly definitive, answers to different questions. Various kinds of quantitative analysis can indicate changes in a dependent variable related to the mind is not but a to be kindled in 1000, – frequency, duration, timing (when particular things happen), intensity, level, etc. They can allow you to short essay, compare those changes to one another, to writing, changes in another variable, or to changes in another population. They might be able to tell you, at very short and fitness a particular degree of reliability, whether those changes are likely to for history essay ib, have been caused by very essay on health your intervention or program, or by a vessel to be filled fire essay in 1000 words another factor, known or unknown. And they can identify relationships among different variables, which may or may not mean that one causes another. Unlike numbers or “hard data,” qualitative information tends to be “soft,” meaning it can’t always be reduced to something definite.

That is in some ways a weakness, but it’s also a strength. A number may tell you how well a student did on a test; the very short on health and fitness look on her face after seeing her grade, however, may tell you even more about the effect of that result on her. That look can’t be translated to a number, nor can a teacher’s knowledge of criteria for history, that student’s history, progress, and experience, all of which go into the teacher’s interpretation of that look. And that interpretation may be far more valuable in helping that student succeed than knowing her grade or numerical score on the test. Qualitative data can sometimes be changed into on health and fitness numbers, usually by counting the number of times specific things occur in the course of top creative writing programs, observations or interviews, or by assigning numbers or ratings to very, dimensions (e.g., importance, satisfaction, ease of use). The challenges of translating qualitative into quantitative data have to do with the human factor. Even if most people agree on what 1 (lowest) or 5 (highest) means in regard to rating “satisfaction” with a program, ratings of 2, 3, and 4 may be very different for different people. Furthermore, the numbers say nothing about the mind a vessel to be filled but a fire to be in 1000 words why people reported the way they did. One may dislike the program because of the content, the facilitator, the time of very essay and fitness, day, etc.

The same may be true when you’re counting instances of the mention of an event, such as the essay easy onset of a new policy or program in very, a community based on interviews or archival records. Where one person might see a change in program he considers important another may omit it due to perceived unimportance. Qualitative data can sometimes tell you things that quantitative data can’t. It may reveal why certain methods are working or not working, whether part of best essay service, what you’re doing conflicts with participants’ culture, what participants see as important, etc. It may also show you patterns – in behavior, physical or social environment, or other factors – that the very short essay and fitness numbers in your quantitative data don’t, and occasionally even identify variables that researchers weren’t aware of. It is often helpful to collect both quantitative and qualitative information. Quantitative analysis is considered to be objective – without any human bias attached to it – because it depends on the comparison of numbers according to mathematical computations. Analysis of qualitative data is for history extended generally accomplished by methods more subjective – dependent on people’s opinions, knowledge, assumptions, and essay inferences (and therefore biases) – than that of quantitative data. The identification of patterns, the interpretation of people’s statements or other communication, the spotting of trends – all of these can be influenced by the way the researcher sees the world. Be aware, however, that quantitative analysis is influenced by a number of subjective factors as well.

What the researcher chooses to measure, the accuracy of the observations, and the way the research is structured to ask only particular questions can all influence the results, as can the researcher’s understanding and interpretation of the subsequent analyses. Why should you collect and paper on microcontroller analyze data for your evaluation? Part of the answer here is that not every organization – particularly small community-based or non-governmental ones – will necessarily have extensive resources to conduct a formal evaluation. They may have to very on health and fitness, be content with less formal evaluations, which can still be extremely helpful in providing direction for a program or intervention. An informal evaluation will involve some data gathering and analysis. This data collection and sensemaking is critical to a vessel to be but a fire to be kindled, an initiative and its future success, and has a number of advantages. The data can show whether there was any significant change in the dependent variable(s) you hoped to short and fitness, influence . Collecting and criteria extended ib analyzing data helps you see whether your intervention brought about the desired results. The term “significance” has a specific meaning when you’re discussing statistics. Very Short And Fitness. The level of significance of questions, a statistical result is the very short essay level of confidence you can have in the answer you get.

Generally, researchers don’t consider a result significant unless it shows at the mind is not a vessel filled least a 95% certainty that it’s correct (called the .05 level of significance, since there’s a 5% chance that it’s wrong). The level of significance is built into the statistical formulas: once you get a mathematical result, a table (or the very essay software you’re using) will tell you the level of significance. Thus, if data analysis finds that the independent variable (the intervention) influenced the dependent variable at the .05 level of significance, it means there’s a 95% probability or likelihood that your program or intervention had the desired effect. The .05 level is generally considered a reasonable result, and the .01 level (99% probability) is considered about as close to certainty as you are likely to get. A 95% level of certainty doesn’t mean that the program works on 95% of participants, or that it will work 95% of the time. It means that there’s only a 5% possibility that it isn’t actually what’s influencing the club dependent variable(s) and short on health causing the changes that it seems to be associated with. They can uncover factors that may be associated with changes in the dependent variable(s). Data analyses may help discover unexpected influences; for instance, that the top creative effort was twice as large for those participants who also were a part of a support group.

This can be used to identify key aspects of implementation. They can show connections between or among various factors that may have an effect on the results of short essay and fitness, your evaluation . Some types of statistical procedures look for connections (“correlations” is the research term) among variables. Certain dependent variables may change when others do. These changes may be similar – i.e., both variables increase or decrease (e.g., as children’s proficiency at for history ib reading increases, the amount of very short essay and fitness, reading they do also increases). Or the opposite may be observed – i.e. the two variables change in opposite directions (as the amount of exercise they engage in the mind filled fire to be kindled essay in 1000, increases, peoples’ weight decreases). Correlations don’t mean that one variable causes another, or that they both have the same cause, but they can provide valuable information about associations to essay on health and fitness, expect in an evaluation. They can help shed light on the reasons that your work was effective or, perhaps, less effective than you’d hoped . By combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, you can often determine not only what worked or didn’t, but why. The effect of cultural issues, how well methods are used, the appropriateness of your approach for the population – these as well as other factors that influence success can be highlighted by questions easy rider careful data collection and analysis. Very On Health And Fitness. This knowledge gives you a basis for adapting and changing what you do to make it more likely you’ll achieve the desired outcomes in the future. They can provide you with credible evidence to show stakeholders that your program is successful, or that you’ve uncovered, and are addressing limitations . Stakeholders, such as funders and community boards, want to know their investments are well spent.

Showing evidence of intermediate outcomes (e.g. Service. new programs and policies) and longer-term outcomes (e.g., improvements in education or health indicators) is becoming increasingly important to receiving – and retaining – funding. Their use shows that you’re serious about evaluation and about improving your work. Being a good trustee or steward of community investment includes regular review of data regarding progress and very short on health and fitness improvement. They can show the for history extended essay field what you’re learning, and short and fitness thus pave the way for writing programs, others to implement successful methods and very short essay on health approaches . Fight. In that way, you’ll be helping to very short, improve community efforts and, ultimately, quality of life for people who benefit. When and by whom should data be collected and analyzed? As far as data collection goes, the “when” part of this question is fight club relatively simple: data collection should start no later than when you begin your work – or before you begin in order to establish a baseline or starting point – and continue throughout. Ideally, you should collect data for a period of time before you start your program or intervention in order to determine if there are any trends in the data before the onset of the intervention. Additionally, in on health and fitness, order to fight, gauge your program’s longer-term effects, you should collect follow-up data for a period of time following the conclusion of the program.

The timing of very short and fitness, analysis can be looked at in at questions rider least two ways: One is very and fitness that it’s best to analyze your information when you’ve collected all of it, so you can look at it as a whole. The other is that if you analyze it as you go along, you’ll be able to questions easy, adjust your thinking about what information you actually need, and to short and fitness, adjust your program to respond to the information you’re getting. Fight Homework. Which of very short essay on health, these approaches you take depends on your research purposes. If you’re more concerned with a summative evaluation – finding out fight club homework whether your approach was effective, you might be more inclined toward the first. If you’re oriented toward improvement – a formative evaluation – we recommend gathering information along the way. Both approaches are legitimate, but ongoing data collection and review can particularly lead to and fitness, improvements in your work. The “who” question can be more complex. If you’re reasonably familiar with statistics and statistical procedures, and you have the resources in time, money, and fight personnel, it’s likely that you’ll do a somewhat formal study, using standard statistical tests. Very Short On Health. (There’s a great deal of software – both for sale and free or open-source – available to help you.) If that’s not the rider case, you have some choices:

You can hire or find a volunteer outside evaluator, such as from a nearby college or university, to take care of short essay, data collection and/or analysis for you. You can conduct a less formal evaluation. Your results may not be as sophisticated as if you subjected them to rigorous statistical procedures, but they can still tell you a lot about your program. Thesis Paper. Just the numbers – the number of dropouts (and when most dropped out), for instance, or the very essay and fitness characteristics of the people you serve – can give you important and usable information. You can try to learn enough about statistics and statistical software to conduct a formal evaluation yourself. Top Creative Programs. (Take a course, for very essay on health and fitness, example.) You can collect the data and then send it off to someone – a university program, a friendly statistician or researcher, or someone you hire – to process it for you. You can collect and rely largely on best qualitative data.

Whether this is an and fitness option depends to essay easy rider, a large extent on what your program is about. You wouldn’t want to conduct a formal evaluation of effectiveness of a new medication using only very essay, qualitative data, but you might be able to is not in 1000 words, draw some reasonable conclusions about essay on health and fitness use or compliance patterns from qualitative information. If possible, use a randomized or closely matched control group for comparison. If your control is properly structured, you can draw some fairly reliable conclusions simply by comparing its results to those of your intervention group. The Mind Is Not But A Fire Kindled Essay In 1000. Again, these results won’t be as reliable as if the comparison were made using statistical procedures, but they can point you in the right direction.

It’s fairly easy to very essay and fitness, tell whether or not there’s a major difference between the numbers for the two or more groups. If 95% of the criteria for history extended essay ib students in your class passed the very on health test, and only 60% of those in a similar but uninstructed control group did, you can be pretty sure that your class made a difference in some way, although you may not be able to tell exactly what it was that mattered. By the same token, if 72% of your students passed and 70% of the control group did as well, it seems pretty clear that your instruction had essentially no effect, if the groups were starting from approximately the same place. Who should actually collect and analyze data also depends on the form of your evaluation. If you’re doing a participatory evaluation, much of the data collection - and analyzing - will be done by community members or program participants themselves. If you’re conducting an evaluation in which the observation is specialized, the the mind a vessel filled fire to be kindled data collectors may be staff members, professionals, highly trained volunteers, or others with specific skills or training (graduate students, for example). Analysis also could be accomplished by a participatory process. Even where complicated statistical procedures are necessary, participants and/or community members might be involved in sorting out what those results actually mean once the math is done and the results are in. Short Essay On Health And Fitness. Another way analysis can be accomplished is by professionals or other trained individuals, depending upon for history extended essay ib, the nature of the data to essay, be analyzed, the for history extended ib methods of analysis, and the level of very short and fitness, sophistication aimed at in the conclusions. How do you collect and analyze data?

Whether your evaluation includes formal or informal research procedures, you’ll still have to collect and best service analyze data, and there are some basic steps you can take to do so. Implement your measurement system. We've previously discussed designing an observational system to gather information. Now it’s time to put that system in place. Clearly define and describe what measurements or observations are needed . The definition and description should be clear enough to essay on health and fitness, enable observers to agree on what they’re observing and paper on microcontroller reliably record data in the same way. Select and train observers . Particularly if this is part of a participatory process, observers need training to know what to record; to recognize key behaviors, events, and conditions; and to reach an very short on health acceptable level of inter-rater reliability (agreement among observers). Paper On Microcontroller. Conduct observations at the appropriate times for the appropriate period of time . This may include reviewing archival material; conducting interviews, surveys, or focus groups; engaging in direct observation; etc. Record data in the agreed-upon ways . These may include pencil and paper, computer (using a laptop or handheld device in the field, entering numbers into a program, etc.), audio or video, journals, etc. Organize the data you’ve collected. How you do this depends on very essay and fitness what you’re planning to do with it, and on what you’re interested in.

Enter any necessary data into the computer . For History Essay. This may mean simply typing comments, descriptions, etc., into on health and fitness a word processing program, or entering various kinds of information (possibly including audio and video) into a database, spreadsheet, a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) program, or some other type of software or file. Transcribe any audio- or videotapes . This makes them easier to work with and copy, and allows the opportunity to clarify any hard-to-understand passages of speech. Score any tests and record the scores appropriately. Sort your information in ways appropriate to writing, your interest . This may include sorting by category of observation, by event, by very on health and fitness place, by individual, by group, by the time of observation, or by a combination or some other standard. When possible, necessary, and appropriate, transform qualitative into quantitative data . This might involve, for example, counting the number of times specific issues were mentioned in interviews, or how often certain behaviors were observed. Conduct data graphing, visual inspection, statistical analysis, or other operations on the data as appropriate. We’ve referred several times to paper, statistical procedures that you can apply to quantitative data. Very Essay And Fitness. If you have the essay service review right numbers, you can find out a great deal about whether your program is causing or contributing to change and improvement, what that change is, whether there are any expected or unexpected connections among variables, how your group compares to another you’re measuring, etc. There are other excellent possibilities for analysis besides statistical procedures, however. A few include:

Simple counting, graphing and visual inspection of frequency or rates of behavior, events, etc., over time . Very And Fitness. Using visual inspection of patterns over time to identify discontinuities (marked increases, decreases) in the measures over time (sessions, weeks, months). The Mind A Vessel To Be Filled To Be Kindled Essay Words. Calculating the mean (average), median (midpoint), and/or mode (most frequent) of a series of measurements or observations . Short Essay On Health And Fitness. What was the average blood pressure, for instance, of people who exercised 30 minutes a day at least five days a week, as opposed to that of essay, people who exercised two days a week or less? Using qualitative interviews, conversations, and participant observation to observe (and track changes in) the people or situation . Journals can be particularly revealing in this area because they record people’s experiences and on health and fitness reflections over time. Finding patterns in qualitative data . If many people refer to similar problems or barriers, these may be important in understanding the fight issue, determining what works or doesn’t work and why, or more. Comparing actual results to previously determined goals or benchmarks . Very Short. One measure of best service review, success might be meeting a goal for planning or program implementation, for example.

Take note of any significant or interesting results. Depending on the nature of your research, results may be statistically significant (the 95% or better certainty that we discussed earlier), or simply important or unusual. They may or may not be socially significant (i.e., large enough to short essay on health and fitness, solve the problem). There are a number of different kinds of top creative writing programs, results you might be looking for. Differences within people or groups . If you have repeated measurements for individuals/groups over time, we can see if there are marked increases/decreases in the (frequency, rate) of behavior (events, etc.) following introduction of the program or intervention. When the very and fitness effects are seen when and fight club homework only when the intervention is introduced – and if the intervention is staggered (delayed) across people or groups – this increases our confidence that the intervention, and not something else, is producing the observed effects. Differences between or among two or more groups . If you have one or more randomized control groups in a formal study (groups that are drawn at short essay random from the same population as the group in rider, your program, but are not getting the same program or intervention, or are getting none at all), then the very short and fitness statistical significance of extended, differences between or among the groups should tell you whether your program has any more influence on the dependent variable(s) than what’s experienced by the other groups. Results that show statistically significant changes . With or without a control or comparison group, many statistical procedures can tell you whether changes in dependent variables are truly significant (or not likely due to chance). These results may say nothing about the very short and fitness causes of the change (or they may, depending on how you’ve structured your evaluation), but they do tell you what’s happening, and give you a place to fight, start. Correlations . Correlation means that there are connections between or among two or more variables.

Correlations can sometimes point to important relationships you might not have predicted. Sometimes they can shed light on the issue itself, and sometimes on the effects of a group’s cultural practices. Short On Health. In some cases, they can highlight potential causes of an criteria issue or condition, and thus pave the very short essay on health way for fight homework, future interventions. Correlation between variables doesn’t tell you that one necessarily causes the other, but simply that changes in very, one have a relationship to changes in the other. Among American teenagers, for instance, there is probably a fairly high correlation between an increase in body size and an understanding of algebra. This is questions easy not because one causes the other, but rather the result of the fact that American schools tend to begin teaching algebra in very essay, the seventh, eighth, or ninth grades, a time when many 12-, 13-, and 14-year-olds are naturally experiencing a growth spurt.

On the other hand, correlations can reveal important connections. A very high correlation between, for instance, the use of essay rider, a particular medication and the onset of depression might lead to the withdrawal of that medication, or at least a study of its side effects, and increased awareness and caution among doctors who prescribe it. A very high correlation between gang membership and having a parent with a substance abuse problem may not reveal a direct cause-and-effect relationship, but may tell you something important about who is more at risk for substance abuse. Patterns . In both quantitative and qualitative information, patterns often emerge: certain health conditions seem to cluster in particular geographical areas; people from a particular group behave in similar ways; etc. These patterns may not be specifically what you were looking for or expected to find, but they may either be important in themselves or shed light on the areas you’re interested in. In some cases, you may need to subject them to statistical procedures (regression analysis, for example) to see if, in fact, they’re random, or if they constitute actual patterns. Obvious important findings . Very Essay And Fitness. Whether as a result of statistical analysis, or of examination of your data and application of logic, some findings may stand out. If 70% of criteria for history extended essay ib, a group of overweight participants in a healthy eating and essay physical activity program lowered their weight and blood pressure significantly, compared to only 20% of a similar group not in essay easy rider, the program, you can probably assume that program may have been effective. If there’s no change whatsoever in education outcomes after two years of your education program, then you’re either running an very short on health ineffective program, or you’re simply not reaching those who are most likely to have poorer outcomes (which can also be interpreted to mean you’re running an ineffective program.) Not all important findings will necessarily tell you whether your program worked, or what is the most effective method. It might be obvious from the mind but a kindled essay words your data collection, for instance, that, while violence or roadway injuries may not be seen as a problem citywide, they are much higher in short on health and fitness, one or more particular areas, or that the paper on microcontroller rates of diabetes are markedly higher for very short essay on health and fitness, particular groups or those living in best essay service, areas with greater disparities of income.

If you have the resources, it’s wise to short essay on health and fitness, look at the results of your research in a number of different ways, both to find out how to criteria extended ib, improve your program, and to learn what else you might do to affect the issue. Once you’ve organized your results and essay run them through whatever statistical or other analysis you’ve planned for, it’s time to figure out writing programs what they mean for very on health and fitness, your evaluation. Best Service. Probably the most common question that evaluation research is directed toward is whether the program being evaluated works or makes a difference. Short On Health And Fitness. In research terms, that often translates to “What were the thesis paper on microcontroller effects of the independent variable (the program, intervention, etc.) on the dependent variable(s) (the behavior, conditions, or other factors it was meant to change)?” There are a number of possible answers to this question: Your program had exactly the effects on very short essay on health and fitness the dependent variable(s) you expected and hoped it would . Statistics or other analysis showed clear positive effects at a high level of significance for the people in top creative programs, your program and essay on health and fitness – if you used a multiple-group design – none, or far fewer, of the same effects for a similar control group and/or for a group that received a different intervention with the same purpose. Your early childhood education program, for instance, greatly increased development outcomes for children in the community, and also contributed to an increase in the percentage of children succeeding in school. Your program had no effect . Your program produced no significant results on the dependent variable, whether alone or compared to other groups. This would mean no change as a result of your program or intervention. Top Creative Writing Programs. Your program had a negative effect . For instance, intimate partner violence increased (or at least appeared to) as a result of very short essay, your intervention. (It is relatively common for reported events, such as violence or injury, to increase when the intervention results in improved surveillance and ease of reporting).

Your program had the effects you hoped for and other effects as well . The Mind A Vessel To Be Filled But A Fire To Be In 1000. These effects might be positive . Short Essay. Your youth violence prevention program, for instance, might have resulted in greatly reduced violence among teens, and might also have resulted in significantly improved academic performance for the kids involved. These effects might be neutral . The same youth violence prevention program might somehow result in youth watching TV more often after school. These effects might be negative . Best Service Review. (These effects are usually called unintended consequences.) Youth violence might decrease significantly, but the incidence of teen pregnancies or alcohol consumption among youth in very short essay and fitness, the program might increase significantly at the same time. These effects might be multiple , or mixed .For instance, a program to reduce HIV/AIDS might lower rates of unprotected sex but might also increase conflict and instances of partner violence. Your program had no effect or a negative effect and other effects as well.

As with programs with positive effects, these might be positive, neutral, or negative; single or multiple; or consistent or mixed. If your analysis gives you a clear indication that what you’re doing is accomplishing your purposes, interpretation is relatively simple: You should keep doing it, while trying out essay service ways to make it even more effective, or while aiming at other related issues as well. As we discuss elsewhere in the Community Tool Box, good programs are dynamic -- constantly striving to improve, rather than assuming that what they’re doing is as good as it can be. If your analysis shows that your program is ineffective or negative, however – or, for very and fitness, that matter, if a positive analysis leaves you wondering how to make your successful efforts still more successful – interpretation becomes more complex. Are you using an absolutely wrong approach? Are you using an approach that could be effective, but is poorly implement? Is there a particular contributing factor you’re failing to take into fight account? Are there barriers to success – of culture, experience, personal characteristics, systematic discrimination – present in the population from which participants are drawn? Are there particular components or elements you can change to make your program more effective, or should you start again from very and fitness scratch? What should you address to extended ib, make a good program better? Careful and insightful interpretation of very short essay on health, your data may allow you to criteria for history extended ib, answer questions like these.

You may be able to use correlations, for on health and fitness, instance, to criteria for history extended ib, generate hypotheses about very short essay on health and fitness your results. The Mind Filled But A Fire To Be Kindled In 1000 Words. If positive or negative changes in particular variables are consistently associated with positive or negative changes in other variables, the two may be connected. Very Essay On Health. (The word “may” is a vessel fire to be essay in 1000 important here. On Health And Fitness. The two may be connected, but they may not, or both may be related to a third variable that you’re not aware of or that you consider trivial.) Such a connection can point the paper on microcontroller way toward a factor (e.g., access to support) that is causing the changes in both variables, and short and fitness that must be addressed to make your program successful. Correlations may also indicate patterns in your data, or may lead to an unexpected way of looking at criteria extended essay the issue you’re addressing. You can often use qualitative data to understand the meaning of an intervention, and people’s reactions to the results.The observation that participants are continually suffering from very essay and fitness a variety of health problems may be traced, through qualitative data, to nutrition problems (due either to poverty or ignorance) or to best service, lack of essay on health and fitness, access to health services, or to cultural restrictions (some Muslim women may be unwilling – or unable because of family prohibition – to accept care and treatment from male doctors, for example). Once you have organized your data, both statistical results and anything that can’t be analyzed statistically need to be analyzed logically.

This may not give you convincing information but it will almost undoubtedly give you some ideas to follow up on, and some indications of connections and avenues you might not yet have considered. It will also show you some additional results – people reacting differently than before to the program, for example. The numbers can tell you whether there is change, but they can’t always tell you what causes it or why (although they sometimes can), or why some people benefit while others don’t. Those are often matters for logical analysis, or critical thinking. You have to thesis on microcontroller, become a cultural detective to understand your initiative, and, in very essay on health, some ways, every evaluation is an anthropological study. The heart of evaluation research is top creative programs gathering information about the program or intervention you’re evaluating and analyzing it to determine what it tells you about the effectiveness of what you’re doing, as well as about how you can maintain and improve that effectiveness. Collecting quantitative data – information expressed in numbers – and essay and fitness subjecting it to a visual inspection or formal statistical analysis can tell you whether your work is having the essay questions rider desired effect, and may be able to very, tell you why or why not as well. It can also highlight connections (correlations) among variables, and on microcontroller call attention to factors you may not have considered. Collecting and analyzing qualitative data – interviews, descriptions of environmental factors, or events, and circumstances – can provide insight into how participants experience the issue you’re addressing, what barriers and advantages they experience, and what you might change or add to improve what you do.

Once you’ve gained the very short essay and fitness knowledge that your information provides, it’s time to start the process again. Use what you’ve learned to writing programs, continue to evaluate what you do by collecting and analyzing data, and continually improve your program. My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant (MEERA) provides extensive information on how to Analyze Data . Short On Health. Within their guide, they answer various questions such as: What type of the mind a vessel filled kindled in 1000, analysis do I need?, How do I analyze qualitative/quantitative data?, and very short essay and fitness What software can I use to analyze qualitative/quantitative data? The Pell Institute offers user-friendly information on how to Analyze Qualitative Data as a part of their Evaluation Toolkit. Easy. The site provides a simple explanation of qualitative data with a step-by-step process to collecting and analyzing data. Through the Evaluation Toolkit, the Pell Institute has compiled a user-friendly guide to easily and efficiently Analyze Quantitative Data . In addition to explaining the basis of very short on health, quantitative analysis, the site also provides information on data tabulation, descriptives, disaggregating data, and top creative moderate and advanced analytical methods. CDC’s Analyzing Quantitative Data for Evaluation provides steps to planning and conducting quantitative analysis, as well as the essay on health and fitness advantages and service review disadvantages of using quantitative methods. Charts and Graphs to Communicate Research Findings , from the short essay Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC), will provide guidance on which chart types are best suited for which types of best essay service, data and for which purposes, shows examples of very short, preferred practices and practical tips for thesis on microcontroller, each chart type, and provides cautions and examples of misuse and poor use of each chart type and short on health and fitness how to make corrections. Collecting and Analyzing Evaluation Data , 2 nd edition, provided by thesis the National Library of Medicine, provides information on short on health and fitness collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data. This booklet contains examples of commonly used methods, as well as a toolkit on using mixed methods in fight club, evaluation. Compiled for short on health, the Adolescent and essay service review School Health sector of the CDC, Data Collection and Analysis Methods is an short essay and fitness extensive list of articles pertaining to the collection of various forms of data including questionnaires, focus groups, observation, document analysis, and interviews.

Free Statistics is service review a guide to free and open source software for statistical analysis that includes a comparison, explaining what operations each program can perform. Provided by the U.S. Department of short and fitness, Health and Human Services, this HRSA Toolkit offers advice on successfully collecting and best analyzing data. An extensive list of both for essay and fitness, collecting and fight analyzing data and on computerized disease registries is available. This Human Development Index Map is a valuable tool from Measure of America: A Project of the Social Science Research Council . It combines indicators in very essay on health, three fundamental areas - health, knowledge, and the mind but a fire essay words standard of living - into a single number that falls on a scale from 0 to very short essay, 10, and is presented on an easy-to-navigate interactive map of the United States.

Research Methods Knowledge Base is a comprehensive web-based textbook that provides useful, comprehensive, relatively simple explanations of how statistics work and writing how and when specific statistical operations are used and very essay help to interpret data. Bazeley, P. (2013). The Mind A Vessel Filled Fire To Be Kindled. Qualitative data analysis: Practical strategies. New York, NY: SAGE. Brown, M. Hale, K. Very On Health And Fitness. (2014).

Applied research methods in public nonprofit organizations. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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10 Free Business Plan Templates for Startups. Business plans can seem daunting to someone who has never written one. The business idea itself might be fairly simple to explain, but if you want to apply for a loan, raise investor capital, or simply have a solid, documented direction for your company, you#39;re going to need to write a business plan. Luckily for entrepreneurs, there are templates out there that allow you to plug in all of the and fitness, information, instead of essay questions easy, struggling with formatting and very short essay on health figuring out what you need to include. There are web-based business plan tools, but you may find it easier to use Microsoft Word and PDF-based templates. Here are 10 free templates you can download and top creative writing programs use to create your first business plan. Very Short On Health And Fitness! [See Related Story: The Dos and Don#39;ts of top creative programs, Writing a Great Business Plan], known as the short on health, authority on business plans, offers a free Word business plan template, complete with instructions and a table of contents.

It also offers standard business plan sections such as executive summary, company summary, products and essay service services, market analysis, strategy, management summary, and financial planning. Short Essay And Fitness! Once you register, you will be able to review, download the materials and choose from a wide range of businesses in different industries in which to base your plan. Whether your business is online, service-based, or a food establishment, Bplan#39;s Word business plan templates are comprehensive and are a great option for very short essay on health and fitness beginners and new business owners. provides business tools, with a collection of is not to be filled but a to be in 1000 words, business plans free in PDF, PowerPoint and very essay Word. The templates can be viewed can downloaded through the SeamlessDocs platform. The site includes a template for a variety of specific business types, a business plan model that outlines the different parts of essay review, a business plan, and very on health customizable templates that allow users to add their logos and business information. If you need a guide to writing a business plan, also provides a download for that. This step-by-step business plan builder, offered by Law Depot, covers structure, product marketing, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), operations, and details specific to your business in their templates. Once the template is complete, you can download and the mind is not to be filled but a fire to be essay words print. Very Short On Health! The plan builder asks specific questions to help focus your answers and makes your business plan concise and essay service comprehensive. MOBI, or My Own Business Institute, is part of Santa Clara University#39;s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

They offer a fifteen-section business plan template, including the business profile, licenses/permits and location, which are available for free download in Word as individual templates, or as a larger all-in-one document. Essay On Health! All download are compatible with current and older versions of Word (2003 and earlier). MOBI also covers topics associated with startups, but also provides information on fight club how to very short and fitness, run a business, including employee management, how to handle problems, and top creative e-commerce. Office Depot#39;s Business Resource Center contains free business plan samples for and fitness retailers, manufacturers and service providers. Essay Questions Rider! The business tools include downloadable rich text format (RTF) business plan templates, which is Word compatible. Excel business plan financials are also available for manufacturers and service providers, while the retailer business plan template is complete with forecasting and financial tables, but this requires Microsoft Word version 6.0 or later.

Catering to businesses owned by women,;s free one-page business plan templates can be used by very and fitness anyone who wants to start a business. The PDF templates come filled in with example information for small consulting businesses, boutique clothing stores and nonprofit organizations, but you can delete that information to be left with a template that works for any business venture. The template has space for questions information such as vision, mission statement, objectives, strategies and action plans. When you create a free business plan with Rocket Lawyer, you get the advantage of an attorney#39;s advice to make sure your document is essay on health legally sound. The template is questionnaire-style and asks for key information about your business such as founders, structure and industry, marketing plans, financial projections, etc. Rocket Lawyer not only aims at helping you create a blueprint for your business, but also for essay easy investors. Your completed document is available for download as a Word document for free with a trial subscription, which can be cancelled during the one-week trial period at no charge.

The document is $10 on essay its own without a subscription. SCORE is a small business resource website that aims to help entrepreneurs launch and grow small business across the United States. Their collection of business planning tools includes free Word business plan templates for startups and established businesses. They also provide a sales forecasting template, competitive analysis charts to determine your business#39; strengths and weaknesses, and financial planning templates such as startup expenses, profit and thesis loss projections, and financial statements. You can then use these business templates to meet with a Score mentor for expert business planning advice.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers an essay and fitness, online business plan template and guide to help you build your business plan, step by step. Once you create an writing programs, account, you complete the cover page by filling in your company name, owner name and essay contact information, and then upload your logo. There are six business plan sections to choose from service, (Executive Summary, Company Description, Market Research, Product/Service Line, Marketing and Sales, Financial Projections), and you can save and very essay on health work on your file anytime you want. The $100 Startup#39;s One-Page Business Plan. Looking for fight homework a no-fuss business plan template that gets straight to the point? The $100 Startup, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller, offers the One-Page Business Plan, a simple form that asks several questions you can quickly answer to get up and running. This free business plan template covers everything from your business overview to finances, marketing, goals and challenges.

Other resources that The $100 Startup offers include a one-page consulting business plan, one-page marketing plan, product launch guide and more. Additional reporting by short essay on health and fitness Sara Angeles and Marci Martin. Editor#39;s note: If you#39;re looking for information to help you with business plan services, use the questionnaire below to have our sister site provide you with information from a variety of vendors for easy free. Jennifer Post graduated from very essay on health and fitness, Rowan University in 2012 with a Bachelor#39;s Degree in Journalism. For History Extended! Having worked in short on health and fitness the food industry, print and online journalism, and marketing, she is now a freelance contributor for Business News Daily.

When she#39;s not working, you will find her exploring her current town of Cape May, NJ or binge watching Pretty Little Liars for the 700th time.

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essay seminar The Seminar Paper. A good seminar paper fulfills two important functions. First, it reflects the author’s development in the course for which it was written. It demonstrates the very short essay author’s intellectual progress and best essay service, meets, as closely as possible, the very short essay and fitness professor’s expectations for a term paper. Second, a good seminar paper fits into the author’s scholarly trajectory. Thesis Paper On Microcontroller? However relevant to the individual’s specialization, it should generate ideas, skills, research, and questions that contribute to his or her overall scholarly project. Though these functions point, as it were, in opposite directions, they arise from the necessary assumption that seminars constitute the foundation for all future academic work.

More than any other genre, quality seminar papers can motivate and structure dissertation inquiry. A Rhetorical Situation. We can’t avoid the rhetorical nature of very short seminar papers. Like most academic activity that counts for something, these essays come with certain expectations, many of which the fight club professor, the very short and fitness primary audience, determines. Essay? Thus the basic characteristic of a seminar paper is that there are no consistent characteristics but only a set of variables contingent upon each professor’s understanding and agenda. Essay On Health And Fitness? Though we might bemoan having to best essay review, adapt our (obviously brilliant) ideas to very essay on health, the demands of a particular reader or readers, it’s worth remembering that academic life consists wholly of just that kind of adaptation.

It may seem silly to specify the expectations of a given professor, but doing so provides a structure within which an essay’s ideas can develop. A Vessel Filled But A? Common conceptions of seminar papers include those thought of as. - a nascent version of short a future publication, complete with thorough knowledge of secondary criticism, footnotes, and bibliography; - a highly informed and detailed exploration of a single primary text; a glorified close reading; - an application of the skills and thesis paper on microcontroller, knowledge the seminar is very and fitness, intended to transmit, referring to the texts, theories, or approaches covered during the thesis paper on microcontroller semester; - a very specific type of paper with a pre-defined structure or purpose (e.g., an application of a particular theory to short essay, a particular text); - an opportunity to pursue individual inquiries, however unrelated to the course’s topic. Each of these various conceptions entails necessary practical steps. If a professor expects mastery of a body of secondary criticism, for example, then it’s wise to survey that criticism and paper on microcontroller, keep notes, perhaps even formalized annotations, on the materials you read. That way, when you sit down to write the essay, you have already established a critical context in which to begin your own inquiry. The funny thing about seminar papers is and fitness, that although it’s easy to top creative programs, distinguish the different sorts and to approximate which sort a professor has in very mind, a truly excellent seminar paper could fit into every sort. This over determined quality is what makes the seminar paper different from the other academic genres. The best seminar papers, in other words, manage to do whatever their reader expects them to do, regardless of who that reader is or what s/he expects the paper to do.

That peculiar, Protean quality makes it difficult to see any real value or purpose in writing seminar papers. To Be But A Kindled Essay In 1000? A paper that does everything, it seems, does nothing. And many, perhaps most, papers never again see the light of cognitive day after a professor reads them. They quickly enter the very on health realm of vague, barely retrievable reference, so that years later you’ll find yourself saying to students, “I think I wrote a paper on essay, Moby Dick once.” You can avoid this miserable middle age only by striving to make use of seminar papers, or rather, to very short essay and fitness, let them do more than simply earn a grade. They must somehow contribute to your intellectual development and future work, but that contribution needn’t be anything specific. Not every seminar paper will become a published article or a chapter of programs your dissertation (if you go that route), though some might. You could use a paper to.

- complete research, either primary or secondary, that you will use later. You might, for example, write a paper on modern British poets in very on health and fitness order to familiarize yourself with the library’s resources. - develop a set of ideas in continuation with previous or contemporaneous papers. You might write an essay on Stoicism one semester and Neostoicism the essay questions rider next. - experiment with or develop new methodologies. Very Essay On Health? Perhaps you only essay, tried Marxism as a joke in college and want to see how it really works. - get a good idea of the scholarly conversation around certain texts. - read, think about, and write about texts you would not have otherwise attended to.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to read Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy and essay and fitness, just couldn’t find the time. - develop an idea for a conference paper. This is an especially useful purpose if you’re confident in an idea but not confident enough to top creative programs, submit it for publication. - think toward your master's thesis or dissertation. - start a relationship with a professor. Very Essay On Health And Fitness? Visiting office hours wouldn’t hurt either. - write a draft of your MA Thesis, an especially advisable purpose if you don’t feel confident about service review writing the entire Thesis in a single semester. Whatever you do in a seminar paper, it’s important to short essay and fitness, do something with it, to make it do something for you. Below is criteria for history, a series of practical tips for writing excellent seminar papers, even in difficult semesters. Start early: If you start your essay the week before it’s due, it will fulfill neither of short its main functions.

Though you may be an excellent writer of a vessel fire to be essay last-minute papers, you won’t be able to craft your inquiry to satisfy the very short essay on health professor’s requirements fully and completely, nor will the essay aid your overall progress. It will simply take up space on your hard drive. The best papers begin in the first half of the semester with questions and ideas. In-depth primary and broad secondary reading progress together in the two months before the deadline, and outlining and drafting takes place over the last month of classes. Occasionally, professors will ask for paper presentations in the weeks before the homework deadline, still another reason to begin early. Set time goals: Accordingly, give yourself artificial deadlines. If you’re writing the paper in short essay on health the Fall semester, it will be due around mid-December. You might spend October reading primary and secondary texts, November focusing your ideas and developing outlines and drafts, and December revising and finalizing. Don’t let the professor be the first to read it: Graduate school is, if anything, a collaborative experience. Make a point to discuss paper ideas with your fellow seminarians. Trade drafts and review, outlines as you work on very essay, them, soliciting feedback from your peers before you seek it from the professor.

It makes little sense for the mind a vessel to be to be in 1000 words, the professor, the person who will grade it, to be the first to see a paper. Have ONE idea with purpose: Many of us mistakenly try to take up too large a topic for a single 20-30 page essay. Doing so prevents the paper from demonstrating any real mastery and from contributing to scholarly impetus. Very Essay And Fitness? Instead, take a single idea, one main question, and explore it extensively. Footnotes and bibliography: Even if a given professor doesn’t require footnotes or knowledge of secondary criticism, it’s still good practice to include it. Try to situate yourself in the current conversation over fight club homework, the texts that concern your paper. That way, when you do try to short essay on health, turn the essay into an article or chapter, that essential component will already be built in. Be honest: All but the top creative writing least rational professors understand the pressure each semester presents, and short on health, they recognize that you are teaching and writing two other papers at the same time as you’re writing one for their course. It’s safe to be honest about the limits of your time. If, for example, you recognize while writing that you need to cover a certain text but don’t have time to do it well, include a footnote to best service, explain the situation, stressing what the section would do if you had time to do it.

Besides showing that you recognize what a complete argument looks like, you’ll also have a good place to start revision in the future. Reflect the learning of the course: Even if your essay diverges widely from the course’s topic, it should somehow gesture in that direction, perhaps in footnotes. Cite at least one theorist: Get over your rabid formalism (if you ever had any). You don’t have to very essay on health, become a hard theorist, nor do you have to sacrifice emphasis on the text, to write a theoretically informed essay. Citing a theorist or using theory to articulate a point can give your paper a sophistication it would probably otherwise lack. “A word may be a fine-sounding word, of an unusual length, and service, very imposing from its learning and novelty, and yet in the connection in which it is introduced may be quite pointless and irrelevant.

It is not pomp or pretension, but the adaptation of the expression to very short essay on health and fitness, the idea, that clinches a writer's meaning.” William Hazlitt, “On Familiar Style” We almost always focus our writerly efforts on argument and method—and quite rightly, because content makes up the writing soul of academic life. But we often emphasize argument at essay the expense of clear, strong prose, mimetic as it can be, active and a vessel to be to be kindled, exact, self-conscious and purposeful. Poststructuralism correctly taught us not to rely on the relationship between words and things, yet that relationship is still the very short only means for signification (or significance). Put another way, the world may be an unclear, insoluble, contradictory place, yet writing needn’t simply surrender to unclarity. Clear writing, however ultimately unstable, indicates clear thought: only when you articulate ideas with precision have you mastered them. Dismayingly, many English graduate students simply don’t know how to write strong academic prose.

They often seem unaware that quality writing results more from discipline and continual revision than from preternatural ability. Far too many first drafts, far too little revision. Writing, like a muscle, strengthens with continual use, its sinews most solid when worked with purpose and the mind a vessel to be but a fire to be kindled essay words, action. You owe your ideas the service of your best writing, and those who will judge your work—professors, fellowship and award committees, journals, university presses, tenure review boards—will perceive your ideas through the medium of and fitness your style. To be sure, the ideas cannot exist but within the medium. Academic writing centers on action, on the assumption that things (whether texts, characters, forms, authors, readers, cultures) do or enact some function. Richard Lanham, author of Revising Prose (see below), encourages writers to essay easy, ask “Who’s kicking who?” to short on health, specify what action the elements of a given sentence perform. This action provides the backbone, the foundation, of a sentence or piece of prose.

For example, we might reword the static sentence, “The seven books of the Harry Potter series have intriguing effects on readers emotionally” to specify the action taking place and, as a consequence, the subject and objective complement: “The Harry Potter books intrigue the reader’s emotions” or “The Harry Potter books affect readers emotionally.” What seemed like one idea in the original sentence we reveal to contain two distinct ideas, and best essay service, the author can choose which action s/he was trying to short on health and fitness, convey. In this way and much more generally, academic writing revolves around verbs, and thus the best essay choice of verb, the action around which the sentence (and the argument) builds, becomes the very short essay on health and fitness most important a writer makes. You should, as Hamlet rightly says, “suit the action to the word, the. Other stylistic habits—the good to rider, be practiced, the bad to short and fitness, be shunned—appear below, adapted from a list titled “Suggestions for the mind filled but a to be kindled in 1000, the Writing of Acceptable Essays,” given to very short on health and fitness, this handbook’s authors by writing programs, Professor John Rumrich: - Eliminate weak and extraneous words, such as very , quite , rather , total(ly) , somewhat , and very short and fitness, the like. - Never use the passive voice if you can avoid it.

- Avoid vague and wordy approaches to sentences, such as, o Another example of…is when… o It is important to paper on microcontroller, note that… - Do not dangle modifiers; do not write such sentences as this one: “After presenting a scene of darkness, the very on health boat sits quietly on the Thames.” - Do not stack up great bunches of fight homework prepositional phrases; avoid such sentences as this one: An explanation of the status of mankind with respect to the overall plan is followed by a consideration of the passions. - Do not use for , as , or since when you mean because . - Do not use the pronouns this , these , that , those , which , or it unless they have clear and very essay on health, unmistakable antecedents. - However should not come at the first of top creative writing programs a sentence; place it deeper in the sentence: e.g., The irony in essay on health and fitness The Rape of the Lock , however, grows more complex than one might expect. - Semi-colons should be used in sentences composed of two independent clauses that are not connected by and , or , for , nor , yet , but . - Typed dashes are made of two hyphens and no spaces: Shelley—or rather the speaker—begins the stanza with an imperative. - Avoid vague and static sentences built around the verb to be . Instead of “Hamlet is representative of a new kind of character,” write “Hamlet represents a new kind of character.” Below is top creative writing programs, a helpful excerpt from Gerald Graff’s “Scholars and short on health and fitness, Sound Bites: The Myth of Academic Difficulty.” PMLA 115: 5 (October 2000), 1050-1. Do's and Don'ts for academic writers. 1. Service Review? Be dialogical. Begin your text by directly identifying the very on health and fitness prior conversation or debate that you are entering.

What you are saying probably won't make sense unless readers know the conversation in which you say it. 2. Extended Ib? Make a claim, the sooner the better, and flag it for the reader by a phrase like “My claim here is that [. Very Short Essay? . .].” You don't have to use such a phrase, but if you can't do so you're in trouble. 3. Remind readers of your claim periodically, especially the more you complicate it. If you're writing about a disputed topic (and if you aren't, why write?), you'll also have to stop and tell readers what you are not saying, what you don't want to be taken as saying. Some of them will take you as saying that anyway, but you don't have to on microcontroller, make it easy for them. 4. Summarize the objections that you anticipate can be made (or that have been made) against your claim. Remember that objectors, even when mean and nasty, are your friends--they help you clarify your claim, and they indicate why it is of interest to others besides yourself. If the objectors weren't out there, you wouldn't need to say what you are saying.

5. Say explicitly—or at essay and fitness least imply—why your ideas are important, what difference it makes to the world if you are right or wrong, and club, so forth. On Health And Fitness? Imagine a reader over top creative writing programs, your shoulder who asks, “So what?” Or, “Who cares about any of this?” Again, you don't have to write in such questions, but if you were to essay and fitness, write them in and couldn't answer them, you're in trouble. 6. Top Creative? (This one is already implicit in several of the above points.) Generate a metatext that stands apart from your main text and puts it in essay on health and fitness perspective. Any essay really consists of two texts, one in which you make your argument and a second in fight homework which you tell readers how (and how not) to read it. This second text is usually signaled by short essay on health and fitness, reflexive phrases like “I do not mean to fight, suggest that [. . Very Short Essay On Health And Fitness? .],” “Here you will probably object that [. . .],” “To put the point another way [. ],” “But why am I so emphatic on this point?,” and “What I've been trying to say here, then, is [. . Homework? .].” When writing is unclear or lame (as beginning student writing often is), the reason usually has less to do with jargon or verbal obscurity than with the short on health and fitness absence of such metacommentary, which may be needed to homework, explain why it was necessary to write the essay. 7. Remember that readers can process only one claim at a time, so there's no use trying to squeeze in secondary and tertiary claims that are better left for on health and fitness, another book, essay, or paragraph or at least for fight club homework, another part of short and fitness your book or essay, where they can be clearly marked off from your main claim. If you're an academic, you are probably so eager to prove that you've left no thought unconsidered that you find it hard to resist the temptation to say everything at once, and extended, consequently you say nothing that is understood while producing horribly overloaded paragraphs and sentences like this sentence, monster-sized discursive footnotes, and readers who fling your text aside and turn on the TV. 8. Be bilingual. It is not necessary to avoid academese—you sometimes need the stuff.

But whenever you have to say something in academese, try to very short on health, say it in the vernacular as well. You'll be surprised to top creative programs, find that when you restate an academic point in your nonacademic voice, the point is enriched (or else you see how vacuous it is), and very short on health, you're led to the mind a vessel but a to be in 1000, new perceptions. 9. Very On Health? Don't kid yourself. If you could not explain it to your parents or your most mediocre student, the criteria extended chances are you don't understand it yourself. None of what I have said in this essay should be mistaken for the claim that all academic scholarship can or should be addressed to a nonacademic audience.

The ability to do advanced research and the ability to explain that research to nonprofessional audiences do not always appear in the same person. Very Short Essay? To adapt a concept from the philosopher Hilary Putnam, there is a linguistic division of labor in which the work of for history extended essay research and that of very and fitness popularization are divided among different people, as Friedrich Engels was rewrite man for Karl Marx. Yet even Marx's most difficult and uncompromising texts have their Engels moments—Engels could not have summarized Marx's doctrine if they did not. In short, it is time to rethink the view that the university is not in the “gist business.” Many other books and programs, aids have proven useful in improving academic style. Short Essay? Below are just a few:

Griffith, Kelley. Writing Essays about Literature: A Guide and Style Sheet . Boston: Thomson, 2006. Griffith’s study provides a nice introduction to writing on literary texts, though the guide speaks primarily to undergraduates. Lanham, Richard. Revising Prose . New York: Longman, 2000.

Lanham’s book is homework, a classic guide for making prose dynamic and clear. The book centers on the “Paramedic Method,” a set of discrete steps for articulating ideas as clearly and actively as possible. The first two chapters, on “Action” and “Shape,” apply directly to most graduate student writing. Williams, Joseph M. Essay? Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace . New York: Longman, 2003. This guide offers a counterpoint of praxis to questions rider, Lanham’s gnosis .

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Fox News Hosts Share Their Dads' Best Advice Some Great Photos. Father knows best — especially the very essay and fitness, dads of these Fox News hosts and paper on microcontroller, reporters. We asked members of the very short essay, Fox News family about the best advice that their fathers ever gave them. Which Fox News host's father taught him not to be a whiner? Can you guess the club, Fox News dad who taught his son how to look busy around the office? Read on to see all the fatherly advice and some great photos! Don't be a whiner. Best two pieces of advice I got from my dad: to take the stories I cover seriously, but not to and fitness take myself too seriously. and to top creative writing programs always walk around the office with my sleeves rolled up, so it looks like I am busy. My dad's work ethic is, and always has been, incredible.

He was born in very essay on health and fitness, a two-room shack; he pumped his drinking water from the paper, well across the street and released it in the backyard outhouse. Denver in those days was still The Wild West in many ways, and some of the mountain towns where his itinerant father took the family were even more rugged. I never met that grandfather; he died before I was born. Basically he drank himself to death. He hadn't been much of a provider or, for that matter, much of an essay, example as a father. My dad started at age 12 carrying hod for a bricklayer, and he's been at to be filled but a to be in 1000 words, it ever since (working, not hauling mortar). He and my mom instilled in their six children the short essay on health and fitness, value of working for what we wanted, always urging us to questions easy rider do our best. “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well,” my dad used to say. I’m not mowing lawns anymore, putting up fence or installing attic vents—jobs I had in high school and college. I’ve worked in short essay and fitness, TV news since a couple of days after I graduated and at fight club homework, Fox since we launched more than 18 years ago. If I’m “doing it well, I know who gets the credit.

My father had a lot of great advice. On persistence, he would say in very essay, his Greek accent: Andrea, in life, you have to tell people what you want. People aren't mind readers. What's the worst they can say, 'no?' You're not going to die.

He was right. William R. Hemmer. (Or as he likes to top creative writing say, The Original Bill Hemmer) There is essay no relationship so unique as father and son. Best advice? All of it. He’s never been wrong. And I cherish the relationship he has with my Mom. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

I learned it all — eating cereal. Before school every morning, Dad left my breakfast prepared on the counter. Is Not A Vessel To Be Fire Kindled In 1000! And, next to my cereal bowl were words of wisdom (scriptures, indelible quotes or some sort of valuable information). His advice was always encouraging and reminded me how much I was loved. One of his favorite quotes was from Walt Disney, I hope I'll never be afraid to fail. These sayings inspired me to follow my dreams, accept new challenges and never give up. My father's voice is still my guide today. Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you more.

My dad was the greatest coach I ever had. In my book, Making the short essay on health and fitness, Case, I talk about thesis on microcontroller how — after the death of short on health my mother when I was 11 — he made it his mission to teach me and my younger brother Anthony how to writing be our own best advocates. He said, “Don’t ever be afraid of the no.” He taught us to ask for anything as long as we made the very best case for it we could. Because he never wanted us to live with the regret of not pursuing our interests, he encouraged us to do our best in very on health, everything, to put it all out fight there on the field, to very short admit if we made a mistake, and to try again to for history extended ib make things work out better. He’d tell us “You have blessings, you have gifts, you have passion and very short essay on health and fitness, drive, so go after it — whatever it is paper on microcontroller — and short on health, make every day count.” Once we became our own best spokespeople, he made it clear that we were to criteria for history essay ib use those same skills to help advance the causes of those who had not yet found their own voices. He taught us to think of essay and fitness others — even strangers — with the same compassion we feel for our loved ones and ourselves. It’s great advice to reflect on this Father’s Day. and every day. My dad is writing programs many things: smart, silly, witty, fun, driven, loving, benevolent and courageous.

He is essay simply the best! He is such a ham. On Microcontroller! He can always make me smile. Very Short Essay! This is a picture of us dancing at my brother's wedding last year. Dad is a southern small business owner. He taught me that if you work hard, you get ahead, but none of it matters if you're not happy. Thesis! I have a tendency to burn the short essay on health, candle at both ends and questions easy, be too many things to too many people. Dad always says, Anna Baby, if you work hard, you can have anything you want in life, but you can't have everything you want in life. It's all about priorities.

I still try to prove him wrong, but it's definitely helped me put my time, energy and effort into the things that matter most — and at the top of that list is him. My dad gave me incredible career advice when I was very young. He said “Janice Anne, find something you most love to do when it comes to work. It will bring you great happiness in very short and fitness, life.” I know he was proud of all my accomplishments, but thankfully, he was also able to see that the most fulfilling part of my life is being a mother to his grandsons. I miss you, Dad. Happy Father's Day. After becoming Miss America, the scrutiny and snark happened right away! For some reason, some people wanted to bring me down and just automatically hated me — well — just because. It was almost as if my resume fell off the face of the earth and it was just easier to call me a dumb blonde. I came from Minnesota where the questions rider, Minnesota Nice thing is real.

So I remember lamenting to my dad how hurt I was that people were so critical for no reason — and he offered some of life's greatest advice. He said, Gretchen, no matter how hard you try, you will never get everyone to very short like you. And that meant a lot coming from a man who everybody loved! I still think about that advice every day. It comes in handy working at fight club homework, Fox, where I say I reached the Bimbo Trifecta when I came here (blonde, former Miss America, Fox host). Dad, thanks for essay on health, giving me the guts to stand up for what I believe in and stand tall against extended essay ib those who continue to hate. Very Short Essay On Health! (Read more in review, Gretchen's new book Getting Real now available everywhere and at My father’s best advice to me was to very essay always challenge myself and thesis on microcontroller, others in our way of thinking. To this day, I love having a good healthy debate with him. As a kid, I read a lot. My parents couldn't keep me in books and they were frustrated with the seven book checkout limit at the local library— I would finish them in a day. I'd read anything and short essay on health, everything — I especially liked to sit on my dad's lap and essay, read the papers (the Sunday Funnies was my favorite section).

Then, when I was in third grade, my dad started a tradition with me — I had to very and fitness read the Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post and club, choose two articles to discuss with him before dinner. I remember looking forward to that. I’d ask questions about the news and very essay, give my opinion, and then my dad would draw me out, making me think through my arguments, challenging me to look at issues from another point of view. He’d gently play the Devil's Advocate. For History Ib! That started a lifetime love of the news, and throughout my teens, we would get all the very short on health and fitness, news magazines at the house and we'd dog ear the pages of articles that interested us so that we could discuss them. Years later I remember being on Marine One and President Bush asked my opinion about a controversial issue. My position wasn't a popular one amongst the senior staff, and as the president thought over the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a, what I'd said, I had a flashback to very essay the dining room table — sitting there with my dad, the club, papers spread before us, my mom cooking dinner and my dad asking my opinion, listening to me, telling me that my thoughts mattered. Very On Health And Fitness! He helped me think more critically, and that’s when I gained enough confidence to easy eventually be sitting in front of the very essay and fitness, commander-in-chief and telling him exactly what I thought.

I could argue with facts and be persuasive, but I wasn't just born with the essay questions easy rider, skills to advise a president — I learned them over time, and it started when I got that first assignment from my dad. Read more about how Dana's father helped set her up for success. Yesterday at my Aunt Ana’s East Bronx apartment on very short on health Eastchester Bay opposite City Island, my father Cruz’s four surviving siblings gathered for a rare reunion. Joining Ana and me were her sisters Ofelia, Elie and May, all in their late 80s or 90s, and all still living in Puerto Rico. My wife Erica and Ana’s loving daughter, my cousin Lily, arranged the get-together occasioned by the aunties’ rare visit to New York from their island home in the town of Bayamon, a suburb of San Juan, the capital. The trip was motivated by Aunt Ana’s failing health and the collective desire to service review spend time with this wonderful, gentle Puerto Rican soul who became my Jewish mother’s best friend. Cousin Lily, a Bronx-based Evangelical minister is short and fitness named for my mom, Lily Friedman Rivera, now 95. Easy Rider! My daughter Sol’s middle name is Liliana, homage to short essay my mom and favorite aunt. What struck me at the impromptu gathering was how long ago that was and how much we all had changed since that summer of 1959 when I turned 16, living with them and my grandparents in their crowded, but happy home.

The three aunties up from Puerto Rico still live in the same home and we reminisced about paper how much their brother, my dad meant to them and me. He was the first of his family to graduate high school and and fitness, the first to take the banana boat up from Puerto Rico to New York. He sent me to live with his island family so that I was forced to learn Spanish, which I couldn’t speak a word of criteria essay ib when I got there. Very Short Essay And Fitness! Sending me there was a wise move because no one in his ancestral home spoke English and I was speaking and dreaming in Spanish when it was time to go home to New York for school that September, 56 years ago. My dad’s dad, my abuelo Juan, and I went fishing and swimming in criteria extended essay, the Rio Bayamon, raised rabbits and chickens in the backyard and ate lots of rice and beans. I worshipped my grandparents, who had 17 children in short and fitness, those long ago days when each kid grew up still working part-time in programs, the sugar cane plantations that have long since given way to very essay on health and fitness suburban sprawl, shopping malls and highways. One of Puerto Rico’s main highways, Route 52, cuts through the center of the island from top creative writing programs San Juan to Ponce on the south coast. As the highway approaches the Caribbean Sea, there is very short essay on health a statue dedicated to the proud Jibaro, the Puerto Rican everyman from the old days when the the mind is not fire to be kindled essay in 1000 words, island was still basically agrarian.

The statue depicts the Jibaro, who’s a sugar cane worker or farmer with his ever-present machete, standing alongside his wife holding their small child, and very, embodying everything noble and valued in essay easy, island lore, a hard worker, guide and teacher, protective, genuine and very short on health and fitness, loving, just like my dad. Erica and I have a home in Playa Salinas on criteria for history extended that south coast and very short on health, I think of my father and grandfather every time we drive past the statue of the Jibaro. In island culture, there is no higher compliment than to be called a Jibaro. I am honored whenever I am referred to as a Jibaro. And remembering my father and top creative writing, grandfather, I wish every Jibaro reading this a Happy Father’s Day. Stay connected with the most-watched, most-trusted name in very on health, news. Send me email updates from top creative Fox News. I can opt out at any time.

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Contact Fox News. Las Vegas Attack Victim Who Stood for essay on health, Trumps: 'I Just Wanted to writing Show Them Respect' Thomas Gunderson, whose hospital bed meeting with President Trump went viral after he stood for essay on health, the commander-in-chief despite being shot in club, the leg, spoke to on health and fitness Sean Hannity on Thursday. 'The Hypocrisy is thesis on microcontroller Beyond Belief': NRA CEO Rips Hollywood's Gun Control Push. National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre reacted to Hollywood's and the left's hypocrisy on gun control in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre. 'What Would've Prevented That?': Tucker Challenges Gun Control Advocate on Las Vegas Massacre. Tucker Carlson said that many people on very short essay and fitness the left have begun calling for restrictions on or a repeal of the criteria for history extended ib, Second Amendment.

Australian Reporter Discusses Interview With Las Vegas Shooter's Girlfriend's Family. Australian media spoke to the sisters of Marilou Danley, who was Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's girlfriend. CNN#039;s Cuomo: Don#039;t Know if Las Vegas Killer Was #039;A Madman#039; - #039;He Could#039;ve Just Been Really Evil#039; #039;Do You Blame Knives#039; For Stabbings?: Watters Rips NYT Columnist#039;s Call for 2nd Amendment Repeal. Mother of very short essay and fitness Three Died in Husband#039;s Arms in Las Vegas Attack.

#039;The Longest Wait#039;: Scalise, Colleagues Recount #039;Terrifying#039; Moments After Rep Was Shot. Shaffer: Las Vegas Concert Likely a #039;Politically-Selected Target,#039; Like Scalise Attack. Scalise Exclusive: My Experience #039;Fortified#039; My Support for Gun Rights. #039;What Would#039;ve Prevented That?#039;: Tucker Challenges Gun Control Advocate on Las Vegas Massacre. Australian Reporter Discusses Interview With Las Vegas Shooter#039;s Girlfriend#039;s Family. #039;Intellectual Laziness#039;: Tucker Battles Professor Who Said Media Is Too Lax on White Mass Murderers.

Las Vegas Attack Victim Who Stood for Trumps: #039;I Just Wanted to Show Them Respect#039; #039;The Hypocrisy is Beyond Belief#039;: NRA CEO Rips Hollywood#039;s Gun Control Push. Tomi Lahren Rips Left#039;s Gun Control Push: #039;Criminals Don#039;t Obey Laws#039; Don't want to keep checking back here for the latest from Fox News? That's cool. We'll come to you . Stay connected with the most-watched, most-trusted name in news. Send me email updates from Fox News. I can opt out at any time. By signing up below, I agree to the Fox News Privacy Policy and Terms of criteria for history Use.

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